100 Per Cent Kind of Person

A conversation I have a lot, and I’m hearing a lot at the moment because we’re goal setting right now, is, “I would much rather be someone that achieved 80% of a big list of goals than achieve 100% of a crappy list of goals.”  

It’s not that polarized. It doesn’t need to be 80% of a big list or 100% of a crappy list. There is definitely something in the middle. When we come at our goal setting with a perspective that we’re going to achieve 80% of it, we’re going to be an 80% kind of person, the subconscious, which rules the roost – 95 to 99% of everything you think, feel and do is unconscious. Just let that permeate for a second – when you become an 80% kind of person, or when you set your bar out, the subconscious is already negotiating with you at the point you’re setting the goals. It’s already trying to work out which ones you’re going to drop.  

What is the point of bloody setting them if you’re going to drop 20% of them before you’ve even started?  

Just don’t write them down.  

When you become a 100% kind of person, it sends a really clear message to the subconscious that says, “This is non-negotiable. We’re going to do these goals regardless of the tantrums you throw.”  

And whilst it may not, well it definitely feels uncomfortable, but whilst it may not solve a problem in the short-term, if you consistently show up to that in the long-term, what happens is it becomes habit. And when it becomes habit, the subconscious concedes. It lets go. It stops trying to negotiate with you when you set goals. And what it ends up doing is when you set your goals, it says, “Right, okay, so this is what we’re achieving this month.” That’s what you want. You want you to be in charge, not your subconscious running roughshod over everything that you do.  

So it’s fundamentally important that you become a 100% kind of person.  

When you say you’re going to do something, follow through and do it. Stop that subconscious from negotiating every single time.  

Next time you set your goals, drop the 20% that you’re absolutely not going to do, focus on setting the ones that you’re actually going to achieve, and commit to doing them regardless of the little trickery things that your subconscious does.  

It will absolutely pay dividends in the long run. 

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