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The Challenge

As a creative person, Victoria has lots of ideas but can easily get distracted and lose focus from her main goals. Her passion for her business wasn’t reflected in her brand and whilst she had many strings to her bow they didn’t seem to be coming together into one thing.

“I was looking for focus, alignment and accountability to keep me moving in the right direction and get my business where I wanted it to be.”

The Solution

BBB Success Group is the mindset mentoring club for business owners who know where they want to be but keep getting distracted. The backbone of BBB Success Groups is aligned goal setting, goal review, setting commitments and being held accountable to what you set out to do.

“Success Groups has given me the framework within which to grow my business. I have a solid plan, clear direction and I am taking steps every week towards achieving my goals.”

The Result

Since joining BBB Success Groups, Victoria has completely rebranded, doubled her client base, doubled her spend per client, launched the “Say No to New” campaign and been interviewed by, and featured in, Good Housekeeping magazine. “My business has completely transformed! It’s much more in keeping with who I am and what I want to offer and my clients can connect with the brand,” says Victoria. “I also have a clear financial plan and I know I’m on the right track to achieving it in the timescales I’ve set myself.” BBB Success Groups is so much more than goal setting and accountability. “One of the key things I’ve developed is resilience. We all have blips and some can halt progress but I feel more capable and I have learnt to push through any difficulties so they don’t affect my business. I also love being with the other members. They challenge me, inspire me and support me. I love them!”

“If you’re a serious business owner you should be looking at BBB Success Groups. Talk to people already in the groups because we all get something different out of it. If you have an idea of where you want to be….screw it up and throw it in the bin because through Success Groups your vision will be 10 time bigger, your goals will be 10 times bolder and your future will be 10 times brighter!”

Victoria Lochhead

Frankie & Ruby

For 20 years Victoria has been passionate about recycling and repurposing clothes. After returning to work following the birth of her second daughter, she went to see an image consultant. Her shape had completely changed and she had no idea what to wear for work. “That visit completely changed my life and I had found something I knew I wanted to do myself. I trained as an image consultant about four years ago, I just knew that I wanted to run my own business, and I wanted my business to be something that would help to give other people more confidence.” Victoria now runs the successful Victoria’s Wardrobe combining her passion since childhood for recycling, up-cycling and revamping with her flair for colour and style.


“I love the fact that I can show people the rules of what to wear in terms of colour, shape and style that will suit them best, but then I can show them how to dress for less by buying from charity shops, recycling centres, and dress agencies.”

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