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The Challenge

Having successfully built her business from scratch, Tory started to wonder if she’d created a monster. “I felt as though the business was running my life rather than me running the business.” Unsure what do next, and feeling a lot like a duck with its legs going crazy under the water, Tory turned to BBB Success Groups.

“I’d known about Success Groups for a while but not yet been to see what it was really about.”

The Solution

BBB Success Group is the mindset mentoring club where business owners go to take their business to the next level. Success Groups unique blend of regular twice-monthly meetings, education, support and accountability has the power to create incredible mindset shifts giving you the opportunity to create the positive changes you didn’t think were possible.

The Result

From having no time at all and feeling like her business was taking over her life, Tory now has easily created an additional 6 hours per working week, in addition to attending the group two mornings a month. She is spending more time with her family whilst still growing her business and working with a larger number of clients. “I have learned how to delineate time through careful planning and discipline and the accountability from the group means I am doing the right things for the business rather than getting so caught up in the day to day. My stress levels have decreased significantly and I have a clear plan for taking the business forward.”

On a personal level, Tory has also taken on a fitness challenge she didn’t think was possible. “I’m really proud of the fitness I’m achieving. I wouldn’t have done it without Success Groups.

“The accountability from the group is one of the key things that keeps me on track. As a business owner working on my own, I often focused on what I hadn’t done rather than what I had achieved. Each session, you are held accountable to what you said you were going to do but in a really positive way and you get great support for what you have done, which is an amazing feeling. It’s the perfect combination of tough and supportive and it’s a unique blend.”

“Success Groups is not for everyone but everyone should try at least one session to see. If it is right for you it can change your mindset so much that it completely changes your world!”

Tory Wagg

Panthera Accounting

Tory is incredibly passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses to understand their finances so they can successfully move their businesses forward. Taking a holistic and friendly approach to finance, Tory helps her clients with bookkeeping, management accounts, tax and year end accounts.


As a management accountant in practice she is a pretty rare breed and is able to bring her industry expertise to small businesses, demystifying the numbers and creating bespoke solutions to meet her clients needs.

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