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Success Began

Rob coached with Tracey Miller at BBB on a 1:1 basis and saw BBB Success Groups as the perfect continuation to build on the confident foundations.

The Future

He has a crystal clear plan of generating a large lump sum to enable him to have the choices he’s dreamt of and live on a Greek island with a boat and the woman of his dreams. Whilst Rob knows well what makes a successful business, he also appreciates the need to be surrounded by the right type of people and to continually be developing his own mindset as well as ensuring he’s taking aligned action towards his dreams.

“It’s harder to achieve big on your own and most people don’t effect change if its too big”

The Solution

BBB Success Group is the mindset mentoring club, generating success by harnessing and focusing your entrepreneurial spirit. It brings together individuals driven for success and encourages them to stop limiting their potential by what they believe is possible. It helps you take a big dream and put building blocks around it so you can see the steps that need to be achieved.

The Result

In just 12 months Rob has doubled both the turnover and profit in his business and his team has increased 3-fold. He has also devised and implemented 3 new services and remains confident selling those services at premium prices. He feels much more in control of the actions he’s taking and has become someone who consistently achieves goals by setting small milestones with plans and being accountable for his commitments each Session.

“The people in the group really inspire me. The fact they’re from completely different industries and backgrounds means I receive new ways of thinking and ideas which pushes my boundaries.”

Rob has also shared the Success Group wisdom with his clients, developing an inspired product around taking small”stepping stones” to success.

“I can’t imagine not having BBB Success Groups. It’s part of how I tick and how I operate the business. It’s the place I go to recharge my batteries, to re-energise for the next installment. It’s great to have somewhere you can go where its positively encouraged to be successful and its very rewarding being able to contribute to the group. Success Group takes the cap off your own perceived limitations!”

Rob Goddard

Evolution CBS

Rob is Managing Director of Evolution, a company that prepares and sells owner-managed businesses with £1M+ turnover. His team of 16 based out of Reading, have sold over 500 Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) amounting to £2.2bn in transaction value.evolution-logo-300x110

What sets him apart from others in his field is he provides an authentic approach, giving an honest appraisal and a bespoke service where every client feels important. Rob’s career with started with 16 years in banking and 12 years in mergers and acquisitions as well as running his own businesses for 5 years.

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BBB Success Groups has every aspect of this covered. Continual personal development coupled with a goal setting system and accountability to keep you on track is the key to your success.

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