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The Challenge

Jayne set up Better People Ltd 4 years ago. Despite the years of experience in her field, like many business owners Jayne would have long periods of doubt about her ability to create a successful business and subsequently get distracted from her goals.

“I had many peaks and troughs and always had one eye on the permanent job market, just in case. Even though my business was growing I never really felt successful.”

The Solution

BBB Success Groups is where business owners go to develop the “Mindset for Success”. Members meet twice a month to gain understanding of the human condition and learn how to think differently, so they can feel differently, so they can act differently and get better results. Whilst the foundation of BBB Success Group is education, it also provides members with consistent goal setting, success celebration, support and accountability. It’s consistently proving to help business owners be more successful.

The Result

Jayne’s revenue has increased 45% on this time last year and she has more money in the bank than ever! Her repeat business has increased by 30% and her increased confidence has meant her fee negotiation has been stronger so her value per client has increased too.

“British people don’t typically talk about their successes and achievements. I look at the 3 large cheques on my desk and just think about the hassle of taking them to the bank! Not stopping to think how well I have done to get those cheques! At Success Groups you are consistently focussing on your success, sharing in the success of others and then using that momentum to create more success and go from strength to strength.”

“You feel part of a tribe. People who do what they say they’re going to do and aren’t afraid to stand up and be held accountable. When you see “normal” people achieving great things, you realise there’s nothing stopping you doing the same. Success Groups keeps your energy and motivation up over long periods. It acknowledges you will fall but it gives you the tools to pick yourself up again”

“Goal setting? Yes, I know all about that, I read a book on it! Knowing about it and doing it consistently over long periods of time, and having the courage to stand up and be held accountable on what you set out to do is an entirely different thing. I am now much more focused on the mechanics of running my business and I’m currently putting in systems and processes so I can take on staff towards the end of the year. It’s hard work but when you break it down and achieve each step you get there. Simple but not easy.”

“George is absolutely amazing. He’s energetic, passionate and inspiring. He’s very insightful and completely aware of the human condition. What I love about him most though is he’s real. He doesn’t position himself on a pedestal and make himself inaccessible. You know he really gets this stuff on a personal level”

Jayne Johnson

Better People

With 34 years as a recruitment specialist, and her impeccably high standards, Jayne Johnson is the first choice for her growing client base and their recruitment requirements. She specialises now in helping small and medium sized businesses that have a desire to recruit the best person for the job.


Different to other recruitment companies, Jayne works to become a respected business partnership with her clients to find recruitment solutions that work. Her experience brings a superior ability to match individuals and skills to the company and the role. Everything she does is backed by a money back guarantee, and whilst she has never had the guarantee enforced it gives her clients peace of mind that she will deliver.

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BBB Success Groups has every aspect of this covered. Continual personal development coupled with a goal setting system and accountability to keep you on track is the key to your success.

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