Success Groups Foundation Programme

Free download of George Swift’s ‘4-Part Audio Programme’
“Find serious motivation, remove doubt & discover the power of intent; make that leap!”

Are you curious about finding out if Success Groups is right for you?

You may or may not already know this, but you are by far the greatest asset in your business. However, you are also its greatest liability! So in order to create more success for you, we want to manage those liabilities and boost your assets. This means that we have to create the right mindset, attitude and behaviours to get the results you want from your life and from your business.

The Success Group Foundation Programme is a four-session programme that gives you a solid grounding in the Mindset for Success.  It will help you understand why you do what you do, and why you don’t do what you don’t do! By seeing the rules at play behind the scenes in your mind, you can begin to realise what truly makes you tick.

  • Understand how you really work and why sometimes you don’t!
  • Create your 6-figure model
  • Learn how to make more money and authentically raise prices
  • Get seriously motivated
  • Get rid of the constant doubt
  • Step up your game and see what you’re capable of!

Imagine yourself being a car. If you can get under the bonnet and get a clear view of how this machine works, then you can start to become your own “mindset mechanic”. Once you do this, the world is your oyster! You will be amazed at all the abilities and potential already within you.

I developed the Foundation Programme to give entrepreneurs and business owners just like you a real opportunity to see what Success Groups is all about, whilst educating you on the fundamentals of developing the mindset for success.

This programme is jam-packed with workshops and exercises, designed to take you on a very special journey. First and foremost it will help you find your clarity and your vision in life. The next step is to energise you, to motivate you and to give you the control to run this machine of yours. This will keep you motivated and taking the action you need to, even in the face of doubts and fears. You will start taking your own vision seriously, instead of perhaps being pulled into other people’s agendas and goals.

I can show you how to be a truly powerful human being and entrepreneur, helping you create a genuinely successful business and life.

The BBB Success Foundation course is an intensive 1-month course for business owners who really want success

 It’s packed full of information, guidance and practical exercises that give you what you need to be successful in your business.  You can expect to have more clarity, more motivation and more support to help you achieve your goals.

 There are only 12 spaces!  Please call Tracey on 01635 818884 or email to see how you can secure yours

The Framework

1 month of intense group coaching, mentoring and support
3 x 3hr group sessions
Goal setting and accountability
Private online group to support members between sessions

Cost £254 (+VAT)

Starts:   Wednesday 3rd October 19.00 – 22.00
Dates:  3rd October | 31st October | 7th November



We encourage you to register your interest as early as possible

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“BBB Success Groups takes the cap off your own perceived limitations.”

Rob Goddard

Director, Evolution CBS

“Just do it. Don’t find other things, other excuses, to put in the way. Just do it.

What have you got to lose?”

So, what’s the next step?

Come and see us at one of our open events where you can discover what Success Groups is all about and we can show you what you’re capable of achieving!

Free download of George Swift’s ‘4-Part Audio Programme’
“Find serious motivation, remove doubt & discover the power of intent; make that leap!”

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