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What is BBB Success Groups?

BBB Success Group is a local mindset mentoring club for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Just coming up to its 4th birthday, we now have 70 members and there are only 30 spaces left in the group. We believe it’s the very best place you can be as an entrepreneur looking to unlock your potential. Different to other clubs, BBB is completely focused on the mindset element of your success. This is arguably the most important element, they do say 80% of your success is dependent on mindset, and yet its the one that’s most often overlooked. First and foremost BBB is about educating you on the mechanics of your mindset so you can make informed decisions on what you want. We then provide you with the tools, techniques and support to make those changes, including a comprehensive and fully automated goals setting and accountability system.

Let me give you an analogy….. If you had decided to go on an adventure and participate in the Dakar Rally (a famous off road endurance race), its essential you know everything about the car and the equipment; the machinery that’s going to support you on your journey so you could fix it yourself when things went wrong, or make any adjustments required to improve the result.

As an entrepreneur, you are on one of life’s greatest adventures and your mindset is the biggest contributing factor to your success. Why wouldn’t you invest in understanding the mechanics of how that worked to get better results? This is why BBB Success Groups was created. To give you the insight you need to adapt and hone your mindset for success and the tools to see far into the future and take the steps today towards your greatest achievements.

Why is Personal Development so Important?

The rules of success are simple. Applying them consistently is unbelievably challenging! To be successful we need to be constantly adapting, changing and growing to align ourselves with the results that we want, in business and in life. Change is hard though and this is why: 95M99% of your thoughts and actions are unconscious. The unconscious part of our brain is like a computer system, it just keeps repeating patterns of thought and behaviour. Habits. When we want to change something it’s a conscious thought or decision to do so. When we attempt to make the change however, we are then faced with resistance from the unconscious brain. The processing power of the unconscious brain is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious. Continual Personal Development is the only way to create the change required in your to get the results you want.

Why is Goal Setting and Accountability Important?

A study of Harvard graduates was carried out a few years back to determine why an elite group of 3% were with more financially than the other 97% put together. The answer was they consistently set, wrote down and worked towards clear goals. Whilst there are many measures to success other then financial, it’s the easiest one to measure. But what can applied to financial, can be applied right across the board on what you believe to be important.

The key here is the consistency. We all know how to set goals (mostly) and there seems to be a general excitement around the New Year on what can be achieved in the year to come, but do set goals, break them down into quarters and months then decide the action you’re actually going to take today towards that goals…. and take it…?

What do we Mean by Success?

That’s entirely up to you. It’s not our definition of success that’s important but yours. Whatever you decide you want to achieve as part of your journey with us, we will get behind it. As BBB Success Groups is about you and not just your business, you can bring everything from revenue and client goals to relationship and health goals. After all, they all ultimately contribute to your success.

Is BBB Success Groups for Everyone?

No. BBB Success Group is for ambitious business owners who are open to learning and are prepared to put the work in that’s required to be successful. We don’t provide you with a magic pill. We give you every opportunity to unleash your full potential but ultimately its up to you. Whilst we do support our members this is far from a traditional “support group”. It takes courage to go through a process of taking a long hard look at yourself, choosing what and how you want to change and then consistently doing what’s required to create those changes. As you may have heard though, fortune favours the brave.

Who is George Swift?

george2George is the “Mindset Mechanic” and the founder of BBB. Since the age of 18 George has been on a quest to work out why life can be so unnecessarily hard at times and what we can do about it. He spent 10 years working in high intensity environments including working with the guys who trained the SAS in unarmed, close quarter combat, working to rehabilitate victims of violent crime and working with the Princes Trust. Like most serial entrepreneurs, George’s background is varied including running several businesses as well as obtaining a Masters in Film and Animation and lecturing at University. Today, George is an unstoppable force of logic, truth and humour who cuts through the traditional jargon and cliches to get to the heart of the problem and deliver practical education, skills and solutions to resolve mindset barriers. He is a master at understanding and developing mindset and behaviour to improve performance and subsequent success. He has successfully worked with Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Sports but his real passion is for individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit.

What do I Get as a BBB Success Group Member?

Success Groups combines a unique formula of proper consistent goal setting and accountability with proven success formulas combined with our own unique take on mindset mechanics and personal development for success.

  • 22 group meetings per annum. These are on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month and you can choose from morning (9.30am – 12pm) or evening (7pm – 9.30pm) groups. Once you choose your group then that’s your group. Each group meeting is 21⁄2 hours long and provides education, exercises and mastermind opportunity. Please note, we miss one in August and one in December due to holidays.
  • 2 big events per year. These typically replace the first session in January and the first in September. We bring both groups together and launch the year in January then in September it’s the Big Push to the end of the year. These are high energy, high value events.
  • Online goal setting, accountability and success measurement. The BBB Goal Setting System is a fully integrated, online, user friendly goal setting and accountability system that helps you plan, manage your tasks, focus on the things that are important and holds you accountable to doing what’s important rather than getting distracted. This is an unbelievably powerful yet simple tool that significantly improves your chances of achieving success.
  • Closed Facebook group. This is an invaluable resource for sharing ideas and successes, getting support and advice and feeling part of a Team.
  • Success Group Hangout Invitations. Once a month we get together for informal networking and discussion with other Success Group members. This is completely optional.
  • Entry in the online Member Directory. Whilst we are not a referral group, with 70 members the largest club in West Berkshire and the nature of how we work leads to amazing relationships being forged. There is a lot of business exchanged in BBB Success Groups.
  • Other Stuff! This varies but there is always other initiatives going on that are free to our members.
What can I Expect?

Everyone is on their own unique journey and so what you personally get from the group will depend on you, what you want to achieve and the work you’re prepared to put in. As with anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Visit our website and the “What People Say” link to see what other members have got from the group. BBB Success Groups is about your personal journey in a Team environment.

What you can expect from us is:

  • Workshops that consistently challenge your mindset with new and unique concepts
  • Support, encouragement and accountability in achieving your goals
  • A sense of being part of a team focused on your success
  • A safe environment to challenge yourself and push your boundaries
  • Proper goal setting and accountability to keep you on track
  • A fun and supportive environment with likeQminded people
What’s the Next Step?

Attend one of our workshops, details on the website, or join the BBB Success Foundation Programme which is a 2 month trial programme packed with content.

For more details or information contact Tracey Miller on 07710 877274 or

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What People Say…

"BBB Success Groups takes the cap off your own perceived limitations."

Rob Goddard
Rob Goddard

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“I love being surrounded by the positivity and being accountable to the group in delivering on my goals and commitments. It really does make you feel like anything is possible and I can take the business in whatever direction I want. I am so much more confident. Success Groups has genuinely changed everything for me.”

Phil Jackson

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BBB Success Groups has every aspect of this covered. Continual personal development coupled with a goal setting system and accountability to keep you on track is the key to your success.

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