Be warned you’re being massively manipulated out there, but here is the biggest manipulator of all

I want to talk to you about just one of the ways that your brain manipulates your decision-making process and manipulates you in to taking action. Sometimes it’s the action you might want, however other times it may well be actions that’s detrimental to you or to your outcomes.

George Swift


I want to talk to you about just one of the ways that your brain manipulates your decision-making process and manipulates you in to taking action. Sometimes it’s the action you might want, however other times it may well be actions that’s detrimental to you or to your outcomes.

The metaphor I want to share with you today is that of an audio mixing table. If you imagine you’ve got an audio mixing table, you’ve got all your bass at one end and then you got mid-range and then you’ve got your treble.  You’ve got your very highest treble right up there on one end of the deck and your very lowest bass all the way on the other side of the mixing desk, and you’ve got a whole load of different kind of frequencies in-between.

One of the ways that your brain can manipulate you is by filtering out some of these frequencies in terms of your emotional feelings or your emotional responses. What I mean by that is really simple. Let’s say for example that our anger or our rage or our jealousy, all the sort of negative stuff, let’s call that bass for now. Our higher sort of frequencies like treble let’s say are our happiness, our love, passion and all of that sort of stuff.

One of the ways that our brains can really massively manipulate us is by giving us the false interpretation of what’s actually going on out there. The way it does that is it can filter out the base, so it can filter out some of those chemicals that would make you rise up, be angry, be aggressive, or it could raise those up to make us more angry, more aggressive. It can filter out some of those high frequencies or it can bring in some more of those high frequencies.

This model I want to share with you is the manipulation, that many people have in terms of a relationship.  Bear with me, it will make sense and I want you to relate this to your life. It might be your relationship, it might be another area of your life.  But let’s use the relationship as a good example here.

You’re with someone that maybe isn’t very good for you, or you’re not getting on well with or it’s just not quite working out, it’s not gelling.  Now when you’re in that relationship your brain can be very bass biased, in other words it can be looking for all the things that aren’t working and all the things that are wrong, and it can be stimulating all these kinds of negative emotions within us. It kind of like boosts artificially all of that bass and all it does is it stops us being able to see some of the better qualities in that person or the good qualities of the relationship, and it starts to filter those out.

What happens is once a relationship might not be a perfect one, it might be a far from perfect one, actually the interpretation of the relationship that we get is based on these frequencies.  So, in other words, every little thing that’s not right gets boosted, and I’m actually going to call that bass, and everything that’s good and positive gets filtered out.  What we end up is a very bass, heavy, emotional feeling, emotional response, which means of course we feel much worse about the relationship than it actually is.

Now the other thing it can also do to manipulate us the other way. So, let’s say you leave this relationship now because of course there’s nothing good in it, all those frequencies are down, there’s nothing good in this as far as your interpretation is concerned. It’s probably not true, but there’s nothing good as far as your interpretation is concerned, it’s all really, really bad. You leave the relationship so now the threat of that relationship is out of the way. The person is not in your life they’re not there, making you feel bad or restricting you in some way or whatever it is that your issue might be in that relationship. What happens then to the brain of course is it drops all that bass out, because the threat is not there so it artificially drops all the bass out about this person potentially in this relationship and then it starts to manipulate you by bringing in all the positive. So now you’re starting to feel like you miss the person, you start remembering all the good times you had, you start remembering all their good traits.  Now that treble starts to get artificially boosted as well, so what we end up with is a very kind of treble focussed emotional response okay.

That treble focussed emotional response is the one that makes us feel good and positive and happy and everything else, connected to this particular person or this relationship, and now we start to feel manipulated back into that relationship. You start to doubt why you ever got out of the relationship in the first place and what happens is you get back together and  two days in, one week in, ten minutes in, suddenly all the old niggles come back because the threats now back. Now your brain starts to look for the threats, it starts to see all the old stuff again, it starts to do it again, and it manipulates you back out the relationship.

Now this might not be you, but I’m sure you can relate to this as a story. Many people will find themselves in and out of relationships.  It’s kind of like we’re in, we’re together, we don’t enjoy it, we’re not happy and everything seems really miserable and horrible. You leave then suddenly that person seems so attractive and there’s nothing wrong so you get back together and your brain keeps manipulating you in and manipulating out.

Now this might not be your particular thing right now with your relationship, but I want you to understand your own life is being manipulated by your unconscious in a similar way. It’s probably not as bad as you feel it is, does this make sense? It’s like when something feels all amazing and all great, we know this in the beginning of a relationships, sticking with the metaphor, you know it’s not all great, there’s definitely flaws in there and things in there but we overlook them because we’re getting this artificial manipulation, where it just seems like we’re getting all the good stuff boosted. All the negative stuff gets filtered out and then it goes the other way around.

When in your life, you feel like you might be manipulated like this. If you’re feeling like catastrophising stuff, like when it’s all over with my business or I like really hate all my clients or I really hate my products or I hate the person I work with or I hate this or I hate my car or I hate my house, or I hate whatever. Are you getting an honest picture with the real treble in there as well? I’m not saying there’s no real bass in there, I’m not saying there’s not some really bad stuff in there or some stuff in there that would make you angry or wild, or make you want to get out, but actually are you getting an honest picture or are you just being manipulated?

Are you having your emotions manipulated towards the bass end, is it making you resentful and angry and everything else, which makes you want to get out or equally sometimes will we be the overly manipulated into something. Is something too good to be true? We’re going to be manipulated blindly you know. We can’t see the honest picture. It’s really, really hard to try and explain in a short blog exactly what’s going on with the human brain, however you’re massively being manipulated. You’ll hear me talk about this over and over again.  Really simply put your experience of the world is based on these frequencies of your emotional responses.

If you feel good about something, then you’re having a good experience of the world of course. If you feel bad about something, you’re having a bad experience with the world or with a particular aspect of the world or your life whatever it might be. The truth is we’re not getting an honest representation, we’re getting the unconscious representation of it and that can be very blinkered, it can be very manipulative based on our previous experiences in life and everything else.  It’s all done to keep us safe by the way, but it can be actually really quite damaging to us, because we’re not able to make real choices for ourselves or real decisions for ourselves, we’re being guided by our emotions and our emotions actually are being massively manipulated by the unconscious mind.

When I get people telling me they’re being guided by emotions, I say be really careful because your unconscious is controlling your emotions. I’m telling you now it can manipulate artificially what those emotions are. We don’t necessarily always want to be trusting those emotions. Sometimes you want to trust our cognitive powers better. We want to really look at something and say what are the pro’s, what are the con’s, what’s the honest picture here. Then we can sometimes pick our way through a lot better than maybe our gut instinct that so many people, in my opinion overplay a little bit in the world, which is our emotional responses which can be very manipulative and can get us into a whole load of bother.

The way you’re being manipulated, where can you see this artificial thing going on in your own life, have a think, have a look. Don’t be manipulated, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated, you’re the smartest person in this relationship with yourself. You’re unconscious isn’t that clever.  It’s manipulating you, it can be like a child sitting in there – that’s a video for another day, but you’re much smarter than that.  You get to make the best choices for your life, based on all the information that’s available, so you will be setting that scale yourself if you like rather than the unconscious setting that scale for you, emotionally and then manipulating you to take the action that it wants or it thinks you do rather than necessarily always being the action that’s best for you.

Be warned you’re being massively manipulated out there anyway, but in here is the biggest manipulator of all.

Until next time, be successful. 

About The Author

About The Author

George Swift - The Mindset Mechanic

George is the Founder of BBB Success Groups and the driving force behind the content, tools and techniques at BBB. Driven by a lifetime of knowing life could be better, George has spent over 20 years understanding how the mind creates the experience we have in this world and how it ultimately determines our success.

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