When averagely successful people have done a good day’s work, when they have really gone the extra mile, they go home knowing that they’ve done a good job. Truly phenomenally successful people ask themselves these two questions…

George Swift


Today I want to talk to you about the two questions truly successful people asked themselves that the averagely successful people don’t. I have really simplified this, so I’m not saying that necessarily everyone asks the question in the way that I am going to share with you today however what I realised is, in one shape or form truly successful people continually asked themselves these questions.

When averagely successful people have done a good day’s work, when they have really gone the extra mile, the difference is this. They go home knowing that they’ve done a good job, working really hard. The truly phenomenally successful people ask themselves what else can I do? Before I leave my desk, before I turn my computer off, before I turn the light out at night before, I leave the office, before I leave the client site. Whatever it might be. What else can I do and once they know what else they could do they ask themselves the next question which is what am I going to do?

What’s that little bit extra they could do. A little bit more, maybe a lot more. Then they ask themselves what am I going to do? What am I going to do next and then they do it. Sometimes it might be a tiny slither more than the other person. Sometimes it can be a whole lot more.

When I’ve looked and spoken and met phenomenally successful people. Whether athletes or entrepreneurs, the one thing I have realised is the really truly successful ones, that often make it look really easy, the ones that sometimes get referred to as naturally successful or naturally gifted, when you look beneath the surface and you speak to these people and you read the autobiographies for example, you will realise that they are asking these questions when everyone else has gone home.

For example a sportsperson. Everyone else has left the track. They’re exhausted, they’re eating incredibly well, following nutritional plan. All athletes if they’re competitive work really hard, they all go the extra mile, they’re all dedicated but you know what the winner invariably did before they go home before they take those running shoes off, they asked themselves the question what else can I do, what else will I do and then they do it.

That little bit extra is what separates the truly phenomenally successful and those people who were averagely successful. Start asking that question before you turn the computer off, before you put the phone down, before you leave the office at night, before you turn the lights off on the day, just ask yourself – what else? What else can I do to move my life forward, my agenda forward, my goals forward. Then say to yourself what am I going to do next, and then do it. It might be one small thing but that one small thing over time compounds and it’s the one thing that separates phenomenally successful people from averagely successful people.

Go out there and be exceptionally successfu,l be extraordinary not ordinary and always…

Until next time be successful.

About The Author

About The Author

George Swift - The Mindset Mechanic

George is the Founder of BBB Success Groups and the driving force behind the content, tools and techniques at BBB. Driven by a lifetime of knowing life could be better, George has spent over 20 years understanding how the mind creates the experience we have in this world and how it ultimately determines our success.

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